Puppies... with Love and Care.

Hybrid puppies - bred to be family pets from the start. The most important job that a dog can do.

Clay Hall Puppies --- who and what?

   They say a picture is worth a thousand words - well, what do you think?

    This little girl, by the way, is one of our last litter of Beaffy puppies - an F1 Hybrid from a Beagle dad and a Staffy mum.

   To put some more meat on the bone we are a licensed breeding kennels situated in the Norfolk countryside, We mainly breed F1 Hybrid puppies for pet homes.

  There are Links available in the Links page (funnily enough) that will explain F1 hybrids much better than I can. They are well worth a look and will give an insight into the course that we have chosen.

  To be clear - we do breed puppies and we do live on a farm. There are those who put those two facts together and jump directly to a wrong conclusion. Sort of 2+2= 34.45 because it fits my prejudice. All we would ask is that you keep an open mind whilst you explore this site and then form your own opinion. The trend towards Hybrids (Crossbreeds or Designer Dogs or Frankenstein Mutts depending on your point of view) is fairly new and has ruffled quite a few feathers. We have made our decision and will stand, or fall, by our puppies.

Sorry to sound defensive here but we do our utmost to produce puppies that are a credit to us and to be dismissed, out of hand, by people who know neither us or our pups is probably the hardest thing we have to deal with. 

  We still do K.C. registered pups from time to time but we have moved more and more into hybrids in the last year or so. It is our belief, although many still find this a contentious issue, that the hybrid is both a healthier dog and more suited to modern lifestyles.

  Of course there are all sorts of ifs and buts you can put around this but this is the basic philosophy.

   The idea with this web site is to bring the constant - that is us - and the changing - that is the puppies - together in one place so people can get a clear view of not only what they are buying but, also, where and who they are buying from. This should be much easier (for me at least) than individual e-mail replies.

  We only sell to the public. People come here to view the pups and we all meet - us, them, the pup and the pups parents. Sounds very formal doesn't it? like the scene should be played out in a Victorian drawing room and with everybody in their Sunday best, including the pups!

  That way, though, gives the most information for people to make an informed choice.

  We also like to keep in touch with the pup after it leaves That, of course, is entirely up to the new owners but feedback is very much appreciated - especially now that we have a website.

  There will be more (lots more) added later. We have so many pictures!


  Thanks again and good bye for now.