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Ba-Shar testimonials.

For people interested in our Ba-Shar puppies this page is intended to give an idea of what they are like to live with.

These are the reports kindly sent back to us by the owners of Ba-Shars we have previously bred. 

Daisy the Ba-Shar.
Thanks for your message, sorry I haven't been in contact I've just been run off my feet with the puppy and christmas.
I decided to call her Daisy and she is doing really well and is just an absolute joy to have around.  She has grown enormously since I got her and is turning in to quite a bruiser!  She has such a great personality and although she can be a bit of a tinker (she loves a good chew!) she is so loving and always wants to be near you.
She has also been brilliant at training and is really smart, and has been great with all other dogs, cats, children so really I just couldn't be without her. so thank you for letting me have her!

I attach a couple of pics, sorry that I am in them, she is impossible to catch on camera if someone isn't holding her!
Norman again - grown into his skin.
-Dear Gary,
    Well here is Norman - he was weighed about one month ago (when he was castrated!) and then was about 22kg! He stands 41cm to the shoulder and measures 59cm from collar to tail. He is absolutely gorgeous and everyone who sees him falls in love immediately. He is somewhat cautious when approached by strangers - he has to make the first move and is very thoughtful about new experiences; he likes nothing better than to sit and watch what is going on around him. Although we have no experience of the breeds from which he originated he DEFINITELY has the stubborn streak which we hear about from both sides -and he is the most placid dog we have ever encountered. Norman is very gentle in his mouth and allows us to remove any toy he has - (once we have caught him if he is feeling playful) but he can also take out the largest man who is unsuspecting when he gallops up to say hello in playful mood. Once he knows children he plays very gently with them and will take any treat offered very politely even with his huge mouth (which can often be very wet and slobbery - especially if he has had a drink recently!) We have five Cocker giant Deerhounds who all the other dogs are terrified of!  If he is grumped at by another dog he almost 'shrugs his shoulders'  as if to say 'you only had to say you didn't want to be friends', but if they are up for it he has a good old rough and tumble or chase (he has learned to sit in the middle and make a dash as the faster one streak past.
    His eyes are not giving any trouble - the vet was pleased to see that he does not have a fold in the bottom edge, which she felt originally he may develop, but when he was left there to be castrated he howled the place down both before and after the anesthetic so they were very pleased when they could send him home - he does not like to be left alone, and is very vocal about it. He waits quite happily in the car for short periods, but thinks he can fly and launches himself off the back ramp if not physically prevented when it is opened. Although so far he has not been destructive when left - just noisy.
    I have a few other pics which I will send - but am not very good with the computer so may have to wait for some teenage assistance!


Toffee the Ba-Shar.

Please find attached some photographs of Toffee as
promised I would send.

She has a lovely temperament and is very healthy. Ever
growing she is now 13 weeks and weighs 1 stone 6
pounds. She is lazy most of the day and has a half and
hour active fit one or twice a day. So all in all she
is a great family dog.

Also would there be any chance if you would be kind
enough to send me a photograph of her mum and dad?  I
would like to add to them to my collection of
photographs that are building up?

Many Thanks for a wonderful pup.

more Toffee.
Thank you for sending me them photos of her mum and dad, I can see the basset in her so much.
Yes I think she is becoming a smart dog, she is learning things very well and quite quickly, when we got her home toilet training was easy we barely had any accidents. But I do believe that is one of the positives of the Shar Pei is that they toilet train themselves. She can sit and give her paw on command now, she walks beside use on the lead wanting to sniff everything she comes to and she will recall to you but only if she knows you have a treat in your hand for her - she definitely isn't silly!!
But she did have her first very naughty spell last night which I was really surprised by because she hasn't done anything like this before but I have feeling it will not be the last. She was asleep in the lounge so I just popped upstairs for about 5-7 minutes and I heard her dog tag jingle so I came back down stairs to find she had got my new mobile out of its case from under a cushion on the sofa (which she is not allowed on) and chewed it. So  I think she is getting more clever as we speak and I now need to develop an extra pair of eyes.  
I will be happy to keep in touch and let you know how she is getting on.
Best Regards
Babs and Dudley
   This kindly sent in by someone who took a pair of our Ba-Shar puppies.
 A girl and a boy.

hi just thought id drop you a line....... my babies are 6 1/2 months old now how time flies they are both doing really well they are soooooo god with the kids and everyone comments on how placid they are, dudley is still a big old boy he now weighs 3 1/2 stone but is so handsome and boy can he move when he wants to he has a couple of labrador girlfriends who he chases round the fields and now manages to keep up! he is such a big lump now will get some more recent pictures to send you. Babs is catching him up now she is a little lump as well and like a rabbit in the fields boy that girl can run when she wants to. everyone falls in love with them when we see them and always asks about them  the veterinary nurse thinks they are great to and looks forward to us going there so she can play with all the extra skin!. we are looking forward to spending our first christmas with them we are wondering how much fun we are going to have with the christmas tree though lol.x once again thank you for the opportunity of owning these fabulous dogs i have so much fun with them and have started to do a dog psychology course as well now so i can understand and train them more they are so intelligent and pick things up soooo quickly they really have been a great addition to our family im so glad we got 2 im just working on adding to our family with more doggies! just working on the other half lol
thanks again so much
Just love this picture

Bella (+ Lizzie)

  A black Ba-Shar girl.

  Also to the same family we sold a Sham-bull girl, Lizzie, who is in one of the pictures.

Hope you are well. Here are some pictures of Bella the Bar Shar we brought from you in October.
She is a lovely dog with a great temperament; she is so friendly and just loves to sit on the sofa and sleep. She loves toys and my slippers. We couldn’t have asked for a nicer dog.
Please can you send me some pictures of her Mum and Dad, we would like to have them in our collection.
I have also included a picture of our sisters dog Lizzie, which she brought from you (with Bella in the basket). Think it is called a Shambull.
Many Thanks.
Babs and Dudley

no thats not a problem glad to show everyone we are so proud of them, dudley is very bassetty and huge he already weighs 4 stone!!! babs is beautiful a real bully though think the whole fighting for position as she was the smallest is firmly in her brain! she barks at every dog she sees cant seem to stop gher dudley just wants to play constantly. we couldnt ask for better dogs with the children duudley puts up with everything getting pulled around and cuddled and everything bless hiom and never growls or anything he is a superb dog. im looking forward to see if they change any more im wondering if the wrinkels will start kicking in now dudley seems to be full length.x thankyiou again so much for them they are the best thing that ever happened to me and i tryuely believe that. i hope to add more dogs to our brood we are waiting for a house then will add some lol!


Norbert is one of our Ba-Shar puppies. These pictures were taken in August 2010 while he was boarding here and his people had a holiday. He was an absolute joy to have here and ran about all day with our own dogs - no trouble at all. He met mum and dad again plus all the other old friends - and a couple of new ones as well. His temprement is just as we wished it to be. He is not at all shy but neither is he over forward, he is friendly toward everyone and anything. He probably would not be an ideal guard dog but he does have the deep Basset bark. Physically he obviously takes after the Basset side more than the Shar-Pei - although he does have the up-and-over tail carriage. His eyes are perfect and his ears, although long, are quite thick to the feel. They still flap about when he runs though. His body length is shorter than a Basset, and he is broader across the  body as well. He has the powerful legs and big feet of the Basset. A lovely to feel smooth coat, two-tone tongue and plenty of skin finish off the picture. He moves well, especially his trot when he really looks the business. His run is not a thing of beauty though - amusing yes, but beautiful no. He gets quite a bit of speed up but there is a lot of flapping going on. Built for comfort, not speed, is Norbert.

  This picture would not be complete without mentioning the excellent way that Norbert has been brought along since he left here. They have done a marvellous job and have made a dog to be proud of.